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Physical Therapy - Troy, MI

At Neil King Physical Therapy, our goal is simple – improve your quality life by reducing pain and discomfort caused from chronic pain, illness or injury. By using an individualized and hands-on approach to physical therapy, our licensed and highly trained staff works to manage or improve your pain and get you on the road to a full recovery.

For those looking for a physical therapy clinic in or around Troy, MI, look no further than Neil King Physical Therapy. Throughout our eight locations in Metro Detroit, we have served over 20,000 patients. By restoring function and movement, we ultimately relieve your pain and improve your quality of life.


Why Neil King

The environment at Neil King Physical Therapy is rooted in compassion, and we make sure your trust and comfort come first. All new patients receive an initial consultation/assessment appointment, and the staff member who provides this appointment stays with the patient through the duration of their physical therapy treatment.

This one-on-one attention is vital to the treatment we provide. Through the relationships we build with each patient, our staff is able to become familiar with the unique needs and abilities of the patients we treat.

Our highly-trained physical therapists create individualized and personal care plans which are directly correlated with the overall health, pain, physical abilities/limitations, and end goals for recovery of our patients. By providing a steady continuation of personalized care, it’s more likely that you will see relief from pain sooner and have a faster overall recovery.


What We Treat

Chronic pain caused from illness or injury can severely impact your quality of life. The physical therapists at Neil King are equipped with the knowledge and ability to help relieve chronic pain caused from a variety of issues, including:

     - Sports injuries

     - Parkinson’s disease

     - TMJ

     - Sciatica

     - Fibromyalgia

     - Chronic Pain

As the leading cause of chronic pain, back and neck issues frequently prompt people to seek treatment from physical therapy. We treat a variety of these issues, including:

     - Cervical back pain

     - Muscle spasms

     - Pinched nerves

     - Disc herniation

     - Scoliosis

We also have the capability to provide specialty services during your rehabilitation process, including:

     - Pediatric therapy

     - Pelvic floor therapy

     - Rolfing

     - Craniosacral therapy

     - Pilates

     - Vestibular therapy

Click here to view a full list of everything we treat.


Start on the Road to Recovery with Neil King Physical Therapy Today

If you live in or around Troy, MI and are searching for a PT clinic to help relieve your pain, Neil King Physical Therapy is here for you. Our licensed and highly trained staff provides individualized and effective hands-on treatment, with the goal of improving your quality of life by reducing discomfort caused from chronic pain, illness or injury.

If you are ready to get on the road to recovery with us today, request an appointment through our Online Request Form or call (248) 817-6778.