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Neil King Physical Therapy - Royal Oak, MI

Neil King Physical Therapy in Royal Oak, MI offers individualized, powerful physical therapy. We are not your typical provider of physical therapy services. We are proud to take a hands-on, innovative approach to healing chronic pain and diseases.

Royal Oak, MI is located about 20 minutes north of Detroit. We’re situated to service the surrounding communities of Southfield and Warren. Neil King Physical Therapy encourages you to come in for a free consultation, so we can discuss your pain and treatment options.


Why Neil King

Neil King Physical Therapy has serviced over 20,000 patients in their goals of overcoming chronic pain, debilitating diseases and other physical issues. We use traditional and new therapeutic approaches. Looking for a PT Clinic in Royal Oak, MI? Come to the #1 recommended physical therapist in the area.

When you’re ready to start working with Neil King Physical Therapy in Royal Oak, MI, we’ll ask that you come in for a free evaluation by a licensed and experienced physical therapist. This therapist will be your guide and permanent therapist for the subsequent visits at our facility. This ensures a continuity of care. In our experience, this leads to the best outcomes for our patients.

Our therapists take time to understand your symptoms, how your pain manifests and environmental factors that may be impacting your recovery. We will customize your therapy and give suggestions for your general health. This holistic approach leads to relief for thousands of our customers.


What We Treat

Are you suffering from chronic pain or illness? Neil King Physical Therapy in Royal Oak, MI is ready to help you find relief from your symptoms. We treat a variety of symptoms and diseases including:

- Back Pain

- Neck Pain

- Parkinson’s Disease

- Pediatric Illness

- Surgical Rehab

- Sports Injury

- Pelvic Floor Pain

We treat these and other issues with a variety of treatment methods including:

- Rolfing

- CranioSacral Therapy

- Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy (OMPT)

- Pediatric Therapy

- LSVT Big

- Pilates

- Fibromyalgia Treatment

- Pelvic Floor Therapy

- Soft Tissue Mobilization

- Neuromuscular Re-Education

- Vestibular Therapy.

At Neil King, we understand that not all treatment options are created equally. That’s why we work with you on creating an individualized program that addresses all your needs. By working in this goal-oriented way, we find that our clients have more success. We believe this approach is why doctors choose Neil King Physical Therapy in Royal Oak, MI for patient referrals.


Combat Chronic Pain with Neil King Physical Therapy in Royal Oak, MI

Neil King Physical Therapy in Royal Oak, MI has a great team of physical therapists who want to help you feel yourself again. Bringing you comfort is our priority. By planning reasonable goals, we create a treatment plan that will get you to where you want to be. If you live in or near Royal Oak, MI, consider us when you choose your physical therapy provider.

Ready to get started? Schedule your free consultation by calling 248.268.4155 or fill out our Online Request Form.