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Neil King Physical Therapy in Macomb, Michigan

At Neil King Physical Therapy in Macomb Township, MI, it is our top priority to restore your quality of life by relieving chronic pain caused by illness or injury. Our licensed and highly qualified staff provides advanced, hands-on treatment in an individualized setting; working to manage your pain, restore function and movement, and get you on the road to a full recovery.

The experienced and professional staff at Neil King Physical Therapy is trained to use unique methods and techniques not commonly seen at other physical therapy clinics, which is why so many doctors send their patients to us. Our eight locations across the Metro Detroit area have served over 20,000 patients using a personalized approach to rehabilitation. As a patient at Neil King Physical Therapy, you will receive personal attention from our team, in a safe and compassionate environment.


Why Neil King?

Gaining your trust and making sure you are comfortable throughout your recovery process is important to us. At Neil King, we put your comfort first throughout your rehabilitation process.

New patients at our office receive an initial consultation and assessment from one of our licensed and qualified physical therapists, who will  work with you throughout the duration of your treatment. By establishing these one-on-one relationships with patients, our staff can take the time to better understand the unique pains and needs of everyone who walks through our doors. This understanding ultimately leads to a faster recovery for our patients.

Along with receiving a steady continuation of care from someone who is familiar with them, our patients also receive individualized and personal care plans because we know each patient is different and unique. These plans are tailored to your overall health, pain, physical abilities/limitations, and end goals for recovery.


What we treat

At Neil King, we treat numerous health issues and injuries. Our staff is equipped with the knowledge and tools to treat pain caused from many things, including:

- Sports injuries

- Post-surgical rehab

- Parkinson’s disease


- Fibromyalgia

- Urinary incontinence

- Tension and migraine headaches

Back and neck issues are a leading cause of chronic pain. Our staff treats a variety of these issues, including cervical back pain, sciatica, spinal stenosis, muscle spasms, pinched nerves, disc herniation and scoliosis.

We also can provide specialty services during your rehabilitation process, including:

- Rolfing

- CranioSacral therapy


- Pediatric therapy


- Pilates

- Pelvic floor therapy

- Vestibular therapy

Click here to view the full list of conditions we treat and specialty services we provide.


Begin Your Road to Recovery With Neil King Physical Therapy Today

If you live in or around Macomb Township, MI and are looking for a physical therapy clinic to effectively treat your chronic pain, look no further than Neil King Physical Therapy in Macomb, MI. The top priority of our team is to restore function and movement, relieve your pain, and improve your overall quality of life. Call (586) 846-3185 or fill out our Online Request Form to start on your road to recovery today!